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How the Aging Brain Affects Thinking

How the Aging Brain Affects Thinking The brain controls many aspects of thinking—remembering, planning and organizing, making decisions, and much more. These cognitive abilities affect how well we do everyday tasks and whether we can live independently. Some changes in thinking are common as people get older. For example, older adults may have: Increased difficulty finding words […]

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Healthy Living

Healthy Living Life expectancy in the United States is at an all-time high. You have probably heard the terms “healthy aging,” or “improved quality-of-life;” our favorite is “Longevity Dividend.”  Advertisers use these terms to entice you to spend money with them and senior adult communities often use these terms to attract new residents. Of course […]

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Fight Dementia with your Fork

Fight Dementia with your Fork The MIND diet can drastically lower your risk for Alzheimer’s disease, among other conditions. Here’s what the lead researcher suggests regarding MIND and foods thought to be “good for you.” A Mediterranean-inspired diet was recently proven to dramatically lower the risk of dementia in older adults. But just because it […]

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A Matter of Balance – Still Standing Fall Prevention

A Matter of Balance – Still Standing Fall Prevention An Inter-generational Program Beginning in November residents at Fellowship Square-Mesa will have the opportunity to participate in a national program. This program is titled “A Matter of Balance.” The classes will be held once a week at Fellowship Square-Mesa (building #5, 2nd floor) and will be […]

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