Customizing the Senior Living Experience

Senior Living

As you walk down the pleasant, inviting hallways leading to the Fellowship Square Mesa residents’ apartments, you’ll quickly notice the individualized door fronts that have been personalized by the seniors who inhabit them. They may be adorned with a seasonal wreath welcoming an upcoming holiday, an ode to a veteran’s enduring service, a humorous sign to lighten a neighbor’s day, or a name plaque encouraging connection. The collective charm displayed exhibits the personalized experience that residents appreciate at this resort-style senior living community.

It is widely known that maintaining a sense of independence and identity is an important aspect of aging seniors. That’s why Fellowship Square Mesa goes the extra mile to provide options for personalization, meaningful choices for day-to-day living, and the chance to customize the whole senior living experience. It starts with residents being able to furnish homes with their own comforting furniture, preferred décor, and embodied memories. Depending on what their taste buds may be craving when it comes time for meals, they can choose from four fresh options that are made to order onsite. Each independent senior gets to choose how they spend their additional time, with a plethora of entertainment options that include daily classes, community spaces, volunteer opportunities, and other fun hobbies or events.

Add to these offerings a whole host of supportive providers that are available to care for their ongoing physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and social needs. Each resident who lives on campus has unique necessities and may require customized provisions, which is why the unparalleled staff works closely with the seniors and their family members to determine the best support possible for quality living. Sometimes this even looks like programming a resident’s Amazon Echo Dot (a voice-activated speaker included in the apartment) with a specific question and answer function that improves daily living. No matter what the particular essentials are for you or an aging loved one, you can rest assured that Fellowship Square Mesa values the fostering of independence, importance of self-identity, and impact of personalization amongst its senior residents. The unified team is always ready to engagingly listen to your desired living accommodations.

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