Healthy, Active Living is Priceless

Senior Living

Physical Activity

Physical activity is integral to healthy aging, and experts advise that seniors should stay as active as possible. After all, it can help people live a longer, healthier life. More specific benefits related to staying active include improved strength and balance, a better mood, more energy, and improved cognitive function—all of which lead to staying independent longer. Even adults over 65 years of age with chronic conditions (such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, or high blood pressure) can exercise safely and even improve an existing condition, or delay the onset of other conditions, by staying active. Of course, it’s always best to consult with a doctor on the appropriate level of exercise if there are any concerns.

Senior Living

At Fellowship Square-Mesa, we emphasize the importance of staying active by offering a plethora of onsite activities and an initial customized exercise test for new residents. Our gait and balance test, which utilizes a harmless infrared camera to help identify any physical movement issues, is offered to each of our seniors in order to identify exercise areas to work on and a personalized workout benchline for activity. This unique research up front also helps to minimize the ‘chance of falling’ percentage they may have while exercising, as safety and wellness are the top priority for all of our residents.

Health Centered Campus

Our health-centered campus offers two fitness centers that are equipped with the latest in senior fitness equipment. These are complemented by our SeniorFit™ Wellness and Therapy programs that offer daily group exercises in the form of Tai Chi, strength, stretching, bone building, and water aerobics classes. More targeted classes such as “Arthritis Ability” or “Sit & Be Fit” plus “Chair Yoga” are available for those that need this specific type of care. Two newer programs that we were excited to implement are “A Matter of Balance” and “Smart Brain Aging”—both industry leading programs when it comes to health and wellness. Aside from our robust calendar of activities, the safe and secure walking paths on campus provide the means for either a serious walk or leisurely stroll that includes a koi pond viewing area along the way. Seniors may also find that tending to our gardens on property is the perfect form of soothing activity for them. The healthy options for staying mobile abound here.

Fellowship Square-Mesa is committed to helping our residents have the fullest and most active lifestyle possible, as they age successfully. Our thorough variety of activity engagements, exercise options, and wellness programs offered—paired with the social connection, healthy food menu, spiritual well-being, and brain health we focus on—is what our residents rave about and appreciate. Healthy living truly is priceless.

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