Infrastructure at the Core of Senior Living

You might not immediately think about the importance of infrastructure when looking into a senior living community for you or your loved one, but know that it makes all the difference. Infrastructure is the underlying foundation or basic framework of an organization that is needed for it to function successfully. Beyond being a comfortable, resort-style campus that is well-maintained for senior residents, Fellowship Square Mesa has invested much time and resources into our infrastructure behind the scenes which greatly impact the communication, health support, safe environment, and entertainment that we provide.

The technology infrastructure alone at Fellowship Square Mesa is so innovative and advanced within the senior living industry that it is garnering attention across the nation. While you won’t readily see all that this entails on a tour where the visual comfort of apartments and amenities are typically the focus, know that our not-for-profit organization has gone to great depths to implement systems that better the lives of our senior residents. Our enhanced wi-fi system—the technological backbone at our campus—enables us to offer an interconnected communication system between residents, neighbors, staff, caretakers, and our residents’ loved ones. The capabilities of systems currently in place, like our daily health check-ins, expedite our healthcare responses plus ensure that residents are not overlooked.

Our customized Amazon Alexa Community, developed in-house in partnership with Amazon Web Services, is probably the most impactful technology structure at Fellowship Square Mesa. Using voice-activated smart speaker capabilities, it enhances the safety and well-being of our residents in innovative ways by responding to these types of daily requests: turning on lights automatically during bathroom breaks in the middle of the night to avoid falling, adjusting the smart thermostat to a more comfortable temperature, generating electronic maintenance requests with our staff if there is an apartment concern, and sharing opportunities to connect with others during the daily activities scheduled (to name just a few of the Alexa Community perks).

The effective infrastructure at Fellowship Square Mesa that benefits our senior residents’ quality of life goes beyond technological systems. It includes the thoughtful ways that our campus offerings are organized and simplified in order to remove added burdens to residents. One example that makes daily life much easier is the fact that our made-to-order meals cooked onsite are included in the monthly payments so that seniors don’t have to consider the financial aspect each time they nourish themselves. We also have weekly support group systems in place for residents and their family members, a host of health-focused programs to promote vitality, and spiritual plus social networks to engage in that add to seniors’ fullness of life. So, when you tour Fellowship Square Mesa and are appreciating the clean and friendly campus vibes, understand that they are strongly supported by a thriving infrastructure that differentiates our senior living experience from the rest.

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