Living in Faith, Community & Purpose

Senior Living

Fellowship Square-Mesa is a not-for-profit, Christian care community that is locally owned and overseen. This is a meaningful designation not in words alone, but more importantly in the reality of our actions and care. We believe that a senior campus focused on living in faith, community, and purpose alongside others who share the same values allows our residents to enjoy each day to its fullest.

More and more research is showing that having faith can benefit the human spirit as well as the body, helping us to live longer and happier lives. This is why spiritual health is one of our five health pillars that we promote at Fellowship Square-Mesa. The following purposeful options are offered in support of our residents’ spiritual health: a prayer garden near our koi pond for meditation time outdoors, various books in our extensive library that promote spiritual growth, support groups onsite to care for families who are coping with a loved one’s illness, and weekly worship or religious services with our chaplain and other guest presenters. Chaplin Don, our full-time chaplain on campus, is even available to set up one-on-one sessions with seniors. He also provides private prayer time to assist and support residents plus their families.

Serving Others

Serving others is an equally important aspect of “living in faith, community, and purpose.” Our residents love to participate in service projects throughout the year that benefit vulnerable members of our society. Through our ‘Neighborhood Connect’ program that partners with local churches, hundreds of our delicious meals—prepared fresh onsite—are donated each week to people in nearby neighborhoods who have had life disruptions. This is just one of the limitless service volunteering opportunities that our residents participate in to give back to the community. Come visit us at Fellowship Square-Mesa and witness how our residents are embracing their beliefs, strengthening their faith, and building strong connections while living a purposeful life to the fullest at our resort-style community.

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