Pet-Friendly Senior Living

There is no denying the positive impact, both emotionally and physically, that pets can have on aging loved ones. Pet camaraderie for seniors is known to help lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and take seniors’ minds off any pain. These furry family members encourage their owners to stick to a routine, keep active, and be more sociable—which combats the isolation that is often associated with aging. Fellowship Square Mesa is proud to be a pet-friendly senior living community that understands the far-reaching importance of residents being able to live alongside their pet at home.

Fellowship Square Mesa promotes whole-health living among senior residents, which translates to a location that is pet inclusive and an organization that cares about these sidekicks’ well-being. The well-maintained property affords lovely walking paths, fresh green grass to play in, and specific areas designated just for pets. The resort-style senior living community allows independent residents to have pets under thirty pounds reside with them in their apartments. A pet deposit is received from the owner when moving in and pet guidelines are shared for
respecting fellow neighbors. Residents can network with the community and staff for pet recommendations, while also having the option of dog-walking help for a small fee. It’s inevitable that you’ll find these furry friends connecting neighbors and loved ones on campus in meaningful ways on the daily.

There is much value added to a senior’s life by having a loving house pet alongside them. It can be well worth the effort involved if residents are able to afford the pet care and have the energy, plus health, to meet the physical demands that come with it. When you come by to visit Fellowship Square Mesa, we’d love to hear about your bonus family member and also welcome them to a wonderful, pet-friendly home with an enjoyable lifestyle for all.

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” – Anatole France

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