Resort-Style Pool Vibes This Summer

Senior Living

Even though the summer season officially starts in June, that summer feeling has set in with the powerful rays of our Arizona sunshine already present. It’s no wonder that one-third of Phoenix residents have a swimming pool on their property—the option of going for a refreshing dip or swim is priceless! Our residents at Fellowship Square-Mesa love the variety of ways they can enjoy the sparkling clean water that is central to our 16-acre senior living campus.

Our well-maintained swimming pool is an entertaining host for seniors to gather together for friendship or enjoy a relaxing activity on their own while there. The ramada and aquatic-colored umbrellas sprinkled around the pool deck provide plenty of shade to make time at the pool comfortable. Lay back in one of our many lounge chairs while under an umbrella and you’ve got the perfect scenario for an outdoor rest or book-reading session by the pool. Complement your swim with some time spent alongside others at one of the tables playing cards, catching up in conversation with a companion, or enjoying a summer beverage.

Water Aerobics Classes

This pleasant swimming spot on campus is also utilized for many fitness-related classes and fun. Get your exercise on while cooling off at the same time. Our water aerobics and “Water Fit” class, plus leisurely swimming across the pool, provide an opportunity for healthy activity. Add a kickboard or pool noodle in while treading water, and you’ve got even more alternatives for staying active outdoors in a way that doesn’t add stress to your body.

No matter how you choose to enjoy our beautiful swimming pool at Fellowship Square-Mesa, you’ll experience the resort-style feel on our campus at the place you get to call home. It’s like going on a vacation whenever you choose with friends nearby who can participate in the water recreation along with you. Our water wellspring of fun is ready for YOU.

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