Senior Living Community Considerations

Senior Living

There are many important factors to think about when choosing a senior living community for yourself or a loved one. While the significant impact of some considerations are unanimous, other subjective non-negotiables vary among those seeking the perfect, trustworthy home for aging seniors. Here is a comprehensive list of pertinent elements for decision makers to examine when choosing a senior living community:

1) Type of Senior Care: Is independent living, assisted living, memory care, or other focused care offered?
2) Values: Does the mission and purpose of the organization align with the senior’s values?
3) Location: Is it in proximity to family, travel options, and other caregivers being utilized? Is the climate and environment good for health and overall satisfaction?
4) Budget Friendly: Is the facility affordable when you factor in all of the necessities? What are the specific cost inclusions?
5) Comfort: Are the living and entertainment spaces offered comfortable with a pleasant, hospitable ambiance?
6) Food: Does the dining experience include generous portions of fresh, quality food in a variety of options that are simple to order and affordable?
7) Sense of Community: Are the staff warm plus caring people and the residents friendly? Is there intentionality in creating a neighborhood of seniors that have meaningful interactions?
8) Safety: Is the facility designed with senior safety in mind? What precautionary measures are taken (fall prevention, health checks, onsite response teams, etc.)?
9) Health Care: Does the facility provide onsite medical care, offer skilled nursing resources, liaison to additional caregivers, and provide rehabilitation or physical therapy options?
10) Credentials: Are the caregivers accredited and are there experienced, respectable leaders with high integrity managing the facility?
11) Amenities: What onsite offerings, offsite activities, and lifelong learning options are available to residents?
12) Cleanliness: Is the campus well-maintained and kept up at a highly sanitary level for seniors? What type of maintenance is offered to residents?
13) Infrastructure: What processes and structures are in place for seamless functions and consistent experiences across campus for every resident and their family members?
14) Communication: Are families kept in the loop? Do residents receive timely updates and are their concerns plus feedback welcomed by staff?
15) Pets: Are furry family members allowed and are there any related restrictions?

At Fellowship Square Mesa, every one of these senior living factors are applicable and prioritized to provide a caring community and all-encompassing campus for residents. Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care are all offered by our not-for-profit organization, whose primary focus is exemplary care and not the “bottom line” financials. Sunshine is included almost every day of the year at our East Valley location in the mild climate afforded by Mesa, Arizona. Many other inclusions abound in the affordable costs of our facility,
including meals per month that are prepared fresh onsite (with four entrée options provided daily and an ongoing opportunity for residents to contribute menu ideas…even favorite recipes).

It doesn’t take long to witness the sense of community shared at Fellowship Square Mesa, as seniors are often found appreciating the company of neighbors in various comfortable spaces around campus—when not residing in the pleasant atmosphere of their apartment homes. Family members can rest easy with text or email notifications from their aging loved ones’ daily health check-ins and the innovative, tech-driven fall prevention measures in place. The positive experience brought by our accredited and compassionate caregivers, well-kept property, plus extensive amenities developed specifically for seniors is genuinely felt by each resident—who is also welcomed to share their home with a beloved pet. All the while, the high-tech infrastructure that Fellowship Square Mesa has implemented allows for more efficient communication of updates and events, interconnectivity among residents, health improvement opportunities, and assistance with daily functions that bring a better quality of life. You’ll be hard pressed to find an important senior living community consideration that Fellowship Square Mesa does not have in place.

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