The Power of Caring Technology

Senior Living

Fellowship Square Mesa continues to help senior residents living in our innovative community to regain control of their lives and functions through the use of easily adopted technology. With the placement of over 260 Alexa Smart Properties devices within the apartments on our campus, the quality of senior living is being impacted in incredible ways. It is one thing to hear about
these leading-edge advancements from our staff, but what is truly meaningful is to hear the genuine testimonials from actual residents about life tasks being made easier and their independence increasing thanks to thoughtful technology.

Resident Technology

The Business Development Manager at Fellowship Square Mesa, Todd Carling, has propelled the implementation and adoption of smart technology usage by residents with the driving purpose of making their lives better as they age successfully. Given our organization’s investment in a sophisticated Wi-Fi structure and the customization of Amazon Alexa Smart Properties’ devices, Mr. Carling and his team are able to program the control inputs and outputs plus helpful skills that the technology helps seniors with on a daily basis. Residents don’t need to have a smartphone, Amazon account, or big monetary investment in the technology offering. It is included with their Independent Living residency at Fellowship Square Mesa and part of our state-of-the-art campus provisions.

If you were to ask Edna, a senior resident at Fellowship Square Mesa, what her favorite technology features are in her apartment, she’d have a lot to share with you. Her smart apartment has improved her daily living through the voice-command use of the following, from wherever she is in her home: adjusting the smart thermostat, programming her favorite music and changing to the station of interest, adjusting TV channels or the volume, and more. “I really am very grateful for Alexa,” she shared with our staff. Her husband, Henry, appreciates the customized microwave feature where he can ask Alexa to warm up his food without having to mess with the buttons. The positive testimonies of how our personalized smart technology helps with these simple, daily functions make our residents glad they embraced the very feasible learning curve.

Lives of our Senior Residents

It is understandable that seniors often avoid change during their later years. However, conquering the fear of change and unknown territories—as in the case of understanding helpful technology—can greatly improve a senior’s quality of life. Fellowship Square Mesa is honored to be a part of restoring dignity, independence, and control to the lives of seniors. Technology has brought a higher level of care and aging excellence to our residents, family members, and dedicated staff. If you’d like to experience our unique, award-winning use of smart home technology, contact us today for a personal tour.

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