Award-Winning Energy Stewards

Senior Living

Energy Efficiency a Priority

As temperatures begin to swiftly heat up in Arizona, more attention is placed on conserving energy while implementing all of the cooling techniques possible to stay comfortable through the summer. At Fellowship Square-Mesa, we’re proud of making energy efficiency a priority in support of creating a desirable lifestyle and satisfying experience at our resort-style senior living campus. In fact, you could even say we’re an “award-winning” organization for our dedication to energy conservation!

Each year, SRP—the local provider of power and water—recognizes business customers who are making great strides in the way of energy efficiency. Fellowship Square-Mesa was an honored winner of the 7th Annual SRP Champions of Energy Efficiency Award for our “Excellence in Innovation” accomplishments. We were able to save over 608,000 kilowatt-hours of energy and reduce our peak demand by .30 kilowatts by adopting energy efficient and emission-reducing technologies. Together, all of the SRP Energy Efficiency nominees combined to help save 181 million kilowatt-hours of energy in one fiscal year—that’s enough to power more than 10,000 homes in the Valley for a year!

Promoting Sustainability

Ongoing sustainability is important, as it is a development that meets present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Thankfully, we can do our part to promote sustainability and use energy-efficient methods with simple steps taken on campus. One of those steps that proved to save significant energy funds was upgrading to smart thermostats. To complement this change, we also replaced our lighting with more efficient LED options. These basic but impactful adjustments added up to huge energy savings and, more importantly, have streamlined our seniors’ ease of living.

Senior Living

Fellowship Square-Mesa is surely dedicated to energy efficiency and sustainability measures, but our care for the residents we serve supersedes any acknowledgment received for our environmental efforts. At the end of the day, we seek to help our seniors live life to the fullest and create an exceptional atmosphere for them. Any energy funds we’re able to steward toward more in-depth care for our seniors is a meaningful perk that’s worth the added effort.

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