Breaths of Fresh Air Included

Senior Living

Since breathing is—quite literally—the essence of life, then the quality of the air we are taking in is critically important. Wouldn’t you agree? It’s easy to take our breaths for granted until a cause challenges our breathing, such as the springtime allergies that have people sniffling and sneezing across our state. Arizona has a year-round growing season, so there are always some kind of plants producing pollen, in addition to the rampant dust, mold, and air pollution that affects the air we breathe. In order to maintain a high level of air quality for its senior residents, Fellowship Square-Mesa has taken intentional steps to implement clean air solutions on its campus.

Clean Air System

Our senior living community benefits from our Clean Air System we use that has air filter machines placed onsite in areas where people tend to congregate, like the dining and front lobby areas. The unobtrusive machines are stationed on the ground in front of a humidifier and has UV lights that break down the water into oxygen, which attaches to an item in the air and oxidizes or kills it.

Our Clean Air System also helps kill off bacteria plus airborne viruses and keeps them out. Fellowship Square-Mesa is continuing to add clean air machines in common areas around campus to achieve the highest air quality possible—especially for our residents who may struggle with asthma, COPD, or other breathing ailments.

Senior Living

Another added measure of air quality control at Fellowship Square-Mesa is the daily use of vital oxide to clean our campus air vents. Our dedicated staff uses a fogging machine to spread this non-toxic, invisible element that helps eliminate 99% of airborne viruses, bacteria, and potential allergens. This process is applied to our entire facility, the new rooms being occupied, and upon any timely requests by our seniors.

Come experience all the reasons why the residents who have chosen Fellowship Square-Mesa as the best senior living community are truly breathing a breath of fresh (clean) air!

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